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NEW! patented world novelty SAFESHORT COMPLETE SET

anti rape short



Gives you >> Protection >> Security >> Freedom,

in sport and in free time!


Freedom of movement, hygiene, machine wash at 30 °

Coupled, shrill alarm according to guidebook of the Federal Criminal Police Office

for the prevention of rape. Easy and quick to activate.

The acoustic signal should deter the perpetrator and make the victim situation public.

Flexible, breathable, thin protector in the step to protect against surgery,

Touch by fingers and / or hands.


A piece more security!

The SAFE POWER ALARM screams for you - cause a stir!


Typical public "places of fear" of sexual offenses:

• dark streets and paths

• Forest and park

• Parking garages

• Bus stops and railway underpasses



"The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates

that at least 20% of all women worldwide are at least

physically or sexually once in their life

Attacked a man. "


Siren alert for defense and defense!

Compact, powerful, efficient: the SAFE POWER

ALARM is invaluable in emergency situations.

Pull the activation line (QUICK

ACTIVE) and there is a deafening noise.

Police and security advisors recommend the

Use of siren alarms for defense and defense,

in case of threats, sexual assaults and rape as well as obscene calls.




THE SAFE POWER ALARM is extremely loud at 140 decibels and produces sound sources that cause health problems

Damage, especially to permanent hearing damage, can lead.

Do not activate the SAFE POWER ALARM unnecessarily! In particular, care must be taken that: Infants

animals are not to be endangered and that the SAFE POWER ALARM is accessible.


The SAFE POWER ALARM must not be stored at temperatures above 37 degrees and wet. The manufacturer and his

Representatives are not liable for loss, damage, personal injury that may be brought in connection with the use of the SAFE POWER ALARM. No matter what background and what cause.



Remove the battery seal tab (if present) before first use. To the SAFE

To activate the POWER ALARM, pull the pin on the cord. Plug in for deactivation

Put the pin back in the hole provided on the SAFE POWER ALARM.



The SAFE POWER ALARM is powered by 3 LR44 batteries. In case of use, the maximum

To be able to activate volume, replace the batteries regularly, as they change over time (even without

Activation of the alarm).



1. Loosen the screw on the battery cover.

2. Remove the cover and replace

The batteries. Check if the batteries

are properly inserted.

Attention! Prevent incorrectly inserted batteries

the function of the SAFE POWER ALARM

or can damage it.

3. Replace the cover

and screw them tight.

4. Test the alarm for functionality.

Attention! Use ear plugs.


How it works?

Get into your SAFE SHORTS, pull the ergonomically

running tear and cutting resistant high-tech

hold tight until the pants are seated. Fix the cords on

Closing mechanism and which are 130 decibels

Siren power alarm and complete. If somebody is

Tugging at your SAFE SHORTS will immediately

Alarm is triggered and the pants can no longer be yours

be pulled down. A hygienic, softer

and breathable protector protects you in the crotch

before tearing the pants and interfering with this



The features and advantages:


• Tear-proof and cut-resistant high-tech cords

prevent withdrawal or withdrawal



• Flexible, soft protector in the crotch


• 140 decibels of siren power alarm


• Breathable, hygienic, soft & cuddly



• Machine wash at 30 ° Celsius

safe short picture

breathable, hygienic, soft & cuddly.


Washable at 30 ° C in the machine with mild detergent.




Fabric (base trousers)


80% polyamide (nylon) 20% elastane 200g / m²


Size Chart:


Women's size Waist circumference (cm) Hip circumference (cm)

XS / S                             34/38 61-70                             84-98

M / L                              40/44 75-87                             99-108

XL / XXL                         46/52 88-116                          109-126